Be happy!

Saturday night…my thoughts are running

Through my head before i realize

The thruth from your eyes

All the tryes and disappointments are disappearing

Slowly, blowed by the cold breeaze

Just see the emptyness and please

Remember that out there, in this cold world you re not alone

And change this pain with warmness and find the way home.

Don t forget your roots and wounds and smile better

Like you will live forever and have no cares and dare

To achieve perspective of this life and share it whenever

You will fill like it, dont close yourself in a mould forever

Try to forgive, try to give, try to love, try to care, try to be mature, try to fight your fears, try to understand, try to calm down, try to create, try to listen, try to realize, try to be, try to appear, try to speack, try to communicate, try to help, try to accept, try to change, try to forget, try to make it better,try to believe, try to appreciate,try to have more faith everyday, try to make yourselt a better person for you and for others and for nature.


Un gând despre „Be happy!

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